Veterans Benefits Attorney

We can help you get the benefits deserve even if your claim has been denied

Many individuals and families are eligible for Veteran’s Benefits but do not take advantage of them.  Many times it is because they are unaware of the benefits available to them or unaware of their eligibility for those benefits. In fact, millions of wartime veterans and their spouses may be eligible for special monthly pension benefits and assistance in paying for long-term care costs, including some little known and underutilized programs. If you are a Veteran, we can help you  determine whether you qualify for benefits and guide you through the complicated and often frustrating process of obtaining those benefits.

Likewise, even if you received a less than honorable discharge there may be ways for you to upgrade your discharge status and receive Veterans Benefits that you would otherwise be ineligible for.

Priscilla Madrid is a VA accredited Veterans Benefits Attorney at Madrid Law Group in Anaheim Hills who can help you get the benefits you deserve even after your claim has been denied.

If you would like the assistance of a VA Accredited Veterans Benefits Attorney, please contact us today to schedule your complementary consultation.