Probate, Trust and Estate litigation

Wether you are already or are about to be involved in a probate dispute, or any other dispute arising out of a trust, estate or other related matter, you need a an attorney who will provide you with sound advice and help you get the results you deserve

Sound advice and guidance to get you results and help you get through a probate, trust or estate litigation matter 

Probate is complicated

For most people, the Probate process will be foreign and confusing without someone to guide them through it.  This is even more true when disputes arise.  Disputes that result in litigation are all too common.   Serious disputes can arise concerning the distribution of estate assets. Beneficiaries can feel cheated if there is an uneven distribution of assets and challenge the validity of a Will or Trust. Questions can arise concerning the validity of a Will or Trust.  Questions arise about undue influence having been exerted and sometimes even outright fraud.   Questions arise concerning the existence of mental capacity to make or change a Will or give away property.  Challenges are made against unscrupulous family members or fiduciaries who use assets in an estate for their own financial benefit.  The actions or inactions of a trustee may also be challenged.  There are so many situations that it makes it virtually impossible to list every scenario that may result in probate, trust or estate litigation.

In addition to representing executors and personal representatives opening the Probate process, Madrid Law Group handles Will and Trust contests, probate, estate, elder abuse and related litigation. We also handle cases involving removal of trustees, powers of attorney holders and other fiduciaries accused of mishandling estate assets, improper or inadequate management, abuse of powers and misappropriation of estate funds.

If you are looking for a probate, trust and estate litigation attorney to provide you with sound advice and help you get the results you want in a dispute arising out of a probate, will, trust,  abuse of powers of attorney, elder abuse or other estate and probate related matters,  contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Priscilla Madrid, founder of Madrid Law Group, is a Probate Law, Trust and Estate Litigation Attorney located in Anaheim and serving clients throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas for over 23 years.  She has a Legal Masters Degree (LLM) in Estate Planning and Elder Law and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.