Medi-Cal eligibility – get your application approved

Medi-Cal eligibility is a primary concern when someone has a loved one who requires long term care in a nursing facility and is trying to find a way to pay for it without becoming impoverished.

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We can help you get your Medi-Cal application approved without becoming impoverished

We can help you get approved for Medi-Cal and get some or all of medical expenses and nursing home care costs covered.   With proper planning we can help you get your Medi-Cal application approproved without becoming impoverished in the process.

Medi-Cal (known as Medicaid in other states) is a joint federal-state program that has become a significant provider of funds for long-term care in the state of California. If you are thinking about applying for assistance from Medi-Cal, it is a good idea to have an elder law attorney assist you with the application and provide you with planning strategies to protect your assets while at the same time facilitating Medi-Cal eligibility.

A Medi-Cal Attorney can help you void making costly errors in your Medi-Cal application

Medi-Cal Attorney serving Anaheim and Yorba Linda, CA

When a loved one is in need of long term care, we can help them get their Medi-Cal application approved

Many people make errors when they fill out the application. Many people will make the mistake of giving away assets in the hopes of becoming eligible for Medi-Cal. While gifting can be done in certain circumstances, it has to be done the right way. There are rigid rules governing Medi-Cal eligibility, and making errors on your application or in the management of assets or utilizing the services of an attorney with no expertise in this area can lead to long delays or outright denial of Medi-Cal benefits – a prospect that can be a financial or medical catastrophe.

A Medi-Cal Attorney can provide you with planning strategies to help you preserve your assets and eligibility for Medi-Cal nursing home benefits

If you believe someone you love is going to need long term care in the future, and may need Med-Cal to pay for nursing home care, it is far better to plan for that possibility in advance.  A Medi-Cal attorney can assist you with advance planning for Medi-Cal eligibility that will allow you to keep the maximum amount of assets possible while still being able to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits.  A Medi-Cal attorney can also help you with some estate planning strategies that will protect your estate and your spouse’s estate from Medi-Cal recovery claims.  Although advance planning is by far the better approach it is not always possible to plan in advance.

More often than not, clients will already be in a Medi-Cal crisis situation and need to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits immediately.  In most instances their loved one needs to enter a nursing home facility and has been told that he or she has too many assets to qualify for Medi-Cal assistance. This causes a crisis situation that can easily impoverish a family paying for long term care.  If you or a loved one is facing a Medi-Cal crisis, you need to understand that the information provided by family and friends, social workers, nursing home intake staff, and attorneys with no expertise in this area is often incorrect, and if you are relying on them to fill out your Medi-Cal application correctly, you are taking a big risk that your Medi-Cal benefits could be delayed or denied.

We Can Help You Keep your Medi-Cal Benefits

It is not uncommon for someone already receiving Medi-Cal benefits to receive an inheritance, personal injury settlement or other windfall.  Without proper planning, these new assets can make them ineligible to receive Medi-Cal benefits for nursing home or other care for a period of time.  During this period of ineligibility, they will be required to use their newly acquired assets to pay for care.   However, with proper planning including the use of Special Needs Trusts, we can help you avoid being disqualified from receiving Medi-Cal Benefits and keep your newly acquired assets.

Let us provide you with the expertise you need to properly plan for Medi-Cal and get your Medi-Cal application approved without becoming impoverished.  We can help you get the Medi-Cal assistance you are entitled to even if your application has previously been denied.  If you already have Medi-Cal benefits but are at risk of losing them due to an anticipated inheritance, personal injury settlement or other windfall, we have strategies that can help you keep your new assets and your Medi-Cal benefits at the same time  We are here to help.   Contact us today schedule your complementary consultation.

Priscilla Madrid is a Special Needs Planning and Elder Law Attorney and is the founder of Madrid Law Group.  She has been serving clients in Orange County and the surrounding counties since 1992 and holds a Legal Masters Degree (LLM) in Estate Planning and Elder Law.