Probate Attorney Anaheim Hills, CA – Probate, Estate and Trust Administration Services Provided in Orange County and the Surrounding Areas

Probate is a complicated legal process that has very specific requirements.   At Madrid Law Group we provide legal assistance to probate clients who need to start probate proceedings and clients who are already involved in the probate process and need further assistance.

Probate attorney Anaheim Hills, Orange County CA

Whether you need to initiate probate proceedings or have already started we can guide you through the process

We guide clients through the probate process providing one on one assistance to make the probate process as easy as possible. When they do arise, Madrid Law Group provides assistance in a full range of challenging situations that occur in the probate process.

Madrid Law Group provides clients with assistance in the broad range of difficult situations that often occur in trust and estate administration

We advise and represent Executors, Trustees and Fiduciaries who need to address sometimes conflicting interests and fulfill their fiduciary obligations in a prudent and financially sound manner.

We advise and represent beneficiaries of trusts and estates in disputes with executors and trustees have failed to properly account or who have wrongfully used trust or estate assets for their own financial gain.

Some of our services include:

  • Initiating Probate proceedings;
  • Advising personal representatives and guiding them through the probate process;Providing legal representation for clients involved in disputes that arise in the probate process;
  • Advising trustees and executors who administer trusts and estates of all sizes;
  • Advise and advocate on behalf of trustees and executors who are or may be involved in estate and trust litigation; and
  • Advise and advocate on behalf of beneficiaries in actions against trustees and executors for breach of their fiduciary duties and other misconduct

If you need the assistance with a probate, trust or estate administration matter we can help —contact us  today to schedule your complementary consultation.

Priscilla Madrid, founder of Madrid Law Group is an Elder Law, Estate Planning and Probate attorney in Anaheim Hills, CA who has been serving clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas for over 23 years. She holds a legal masters degree in estate planning and elder law and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.